An owner-builder is someone who takes on most of the responsibility for domestic building work carried out on their land.

As an owner-builder you would need to obtain building permits, supervise or undertake the building work, and ensure the work meets building regulations and standards.

In Victoria, an owner-builder can only build or renovate one house every three years, and must intend to live in the house once completed.

If you wish to be an owner-builder, and the value of the proposed building work is more than $12,000 (including labour costs and materials) you will need to apply for a certificate of consent.

Note: The owner-builder should seek a domestic building contract from the person being engaged to do any component of that building work if the value of building work is $5000 or more.

The certificate of consent must be provided to your building surveyor in order to obtain a building permit.

As an owner-builder, you will be given the same level of protection afforded to other consumers under the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995.